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Clés de piano

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Who are the courses for ...

No matter your age or level, music can be part of your life. With learning a language, learning music are the two activities that require the most brain resources. Learning music therefore helps develop and maintain a healthy brain.

What is music?

Music is a language that is articulated like spoken or written language. Notes are grouped by sentences and the teacher is able to guide the student through the construction of these sentences and their succession. The total of the sentences giving the piece.

When do we start making music?

The music starts from the first moment as the student learns to master the gestures associated with music. The notes are not important in themselves, it is the gesture which precedes the note which is important. Visual areas, memory, attentive listening. Everything is solicited.

Which method to follow?

Any method should take the student as a guide for the learning journey. Based on his skills and tastes, a profile can be developed. Much of our approach is based on the approach of Dorothy Taubman of New York. His work has spread to most Canadian and American universities ...

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